Obersalzberg – Berghof villa of Adolf Hitler

Berghof - sign post

Back from vacation. A wish to go there one day has come true. The Obersalzberg. The mountain where Adolf Hitler and other Nazi celebrities had their home. Apart from being a beautiful part of Germany, it also has a dark history. In the late 1930s, Adolf Hitler settled in a house on the Obersalzberg and expanded the house into the Berghof.

In the 1950s, the Americans blew up the tangible memories, now there is little or nothing to recognize. Only for those who are interested in this piece of history, they are special places to go. Following the road up from Berchtesgaden is a challenge anyway given the 24% rise you have to bridge. Given the cloudy day and the hassle of going to the Kehlstein house (Eagle’s Nest), we turned towards the place where Hitler’s Villa once stood.

berghof - hitler window view 1939Berghof - view

Parked at the Hotel zum Turken, a small walkway follows to the remnants in the forest.

hotel zum turken

With everything so deserted and a sporadic tourist with the same interest, the whole thing has a sinister feeling. Standing in the place where so much evil has been devised and so much has come together makes you feel a bit sad. Why is the contrast so great, with a beautiful setting like this and a horrific history then in the making.

Only the back wall of the house still stands as a silent garden of what once was. Also part of the garage floor.

The view gives an idea of ​​what the panorama was like from the large window of the Berghof. At the Hotel zum Turken there is another guard house as well as at the bottom of the road at Berchtesgaden.