Operation Deagoon


M4A4 Sherman Tank Jeanne d'Arc Marseille
M4A4 Sherman Tank ‘Jeanne d’Arc’

Significant to the Allied cause in Europe was the capture of Marseille, France’s largest port, and the rapid rehabilitation of the Rhone valley rail and road network. Until the opening of Antwerp in December 1944, this supply route was to satisfy over one-third of the Allied logistical needs in northern France.

Marseille - Longchamp Palace with tank
A Sherman tank of the 2nd Cuirassiers,armoured regiment of the Algerian 3rd Infantry Division,
in front of the Longchamp Palace 

On August 23, Marseille, where there had been an uprising, witnessed the linkup of the Resistance with General de Monsabert’s infantry division. Footsoldiers, colonial infantrymen, cuirassiers and combatants of the Internal French forces became caught up in fierce fighting against German troops, especially around Notre Dame de la Garde. On August 28, the capitulation of 37 000 German soldiers was obtained.