Operation Deagoon


M4A4 Sherman Tank Jeanne d'Arc Marseille
M4A4 Sherman Tank ‘Jeanne d’Arc’

Significant to the Allied cause in Europe was the capture of Marseille, France’s largest port, and the rapid rehabilitation of the Rhone valley rail and road network. Until the opening of Antwerp in December 1944, this supply route was to satisfy over one-third of the Allied logistical needs in northern France.

Marseille - Longchamp Palace with tank
A Sherman tank of the 2nd Cuirassiers,armoured regiment of the Algerian 3rd Infantry Division,
in front of the Longchamp Palace 
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Cap Croisette

At Cap Croisette the Germans took over the French fort ‘ Napoleon’. Within this fort there where 4 138mm canons dating from 1910.  

Von Rundstedt visiting the fortifications of Cap Croisette

Croisette is a beautifull place at the end of teh coastal road from marseille. At the Cap there are several small islands en rocks have strange formations. It has a good strategic good point of view to watch out over the sea to protect the harbours of Marseille. Today there are several remains of the fort an one type H670 bunker.

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The city was cleared by 1030 hours on Aug. 19 after a two-day battle. German troops in the action represented the 338th, 242nd and 244th infantry divisions along with the 189th Reserve Division. During the next 24 hours, Third Division troops would advance another 30 miles

The Germans defended Brignoles in vain with two battalions of the 338th Infantry Division. The battle for Brignoles was the toughest fight during the breakout from the beachhead for the Second Battalion of the 30th Regiment and a patrol of the Third Recon Troop.

GI resting on small wall of park in Brignolis

Little has changed in this small park. The tree has grown older since then and the ornament at entry has disappeared.