argentan rue de la poterieA photo of a German Panther and some GI’s is a famous picture of destroyed Argentan. The U.S. Third Army, under the command of General George S. Patton Liberated Argentan after eight days of violent combat against the German 9th Panzer Division and the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. The U.S. 80th Infantry Division Liberated the city in the morning or 20 August.
One of the most striking pictures of World War 2 was made at Argentan. On August 20, 1944 army photographer Jakarewicz took this picture in a destroyed Argentan. It shows a PzKpfw 5 Panther which is silenced. Soldiers of the 80th Infantry Division are taking a rest in front of a German recruitment agency.
Now the recruitment agency is a greengrocer and at the place of the Panther is the Cafe Le Brazza build.
Argentan rue de la poterie
Panther tank and resting GI s before recruitment agency. Click to enlarge
 argentan rue de la poterie 02  argentan rue de la poterie 03
We had no specific street name, and for us almost all the streets resembled the streets of the photo. Finally we went to the Tourist Information in hope they could help us. A few minutes later we came back out, with a surprised feeling. The girl behind the counter, with a quick glance at the photo, could identify the street as the 'Rue de la Poterie'. It turned out to be a street behind the church where we had parked our car! A picture from another angle also shows the still hanging medallions.

Southern road leading into Argentan. Click to enlarge